I’ve spent 10 years guiding organizations in creating delightful user experiences for their audiences. I also did graduate work in Interaction Design & Usability, which strengthened my skills as an effective designer and researcher. I have the design, research, and communication skills to make me uniquely qualified to meet an organization’s UX, Web, software, and analysis needs.

The work I do is always the result of several iterations thanks to feedback from current users and potential customers to vice presidents and C-level executives. I firmly believe that my work is always stronger when it’s not just my ideas, but the product of a highly collaborative team.

As someone who grew up overseas, I enjoy working in environments that encourage insight from a variety of cultural backgrounds. My graduate research investigating the linguistic communication patterns in multilingual Facebook users, provided me the opportunity to draw connections between interaction design, human-computer interaction, globalization, and information architecture. I consistently emphasize critical thinking and the need to consider apps and the Web in larger social, historical, and intellectual contexts.

Fun stuff

  • I named my dog named after Vannevar Bush, the innovative scientist who imagined the Web as we know it in the 1940s. I just call him Nev for short.
  • I’ve lived in Austin since 2002, and cannot imagine a better place to live.
  • I’ve had a passport since I was four.
  • I saw Mumford & Sons play their first show in Austin at the downtown Hilton lobby in 2008.
  • When I do presentations in Spanish, my Castilian accent comes out very strongly.
  • On many warm evenings you are likely to find me at Lick Ice Creams, the best ice cream shop in Austin.
  • I graduated from grad school the same year that Vince Young finished his bachelor’s [I sat a few yards behind him at the university-wide commencement ceremony!].
  • My bucket list includes attending an Olympics and a World Cup.
  • I’ve been to 28 states, and 14 countries.